Golden week end!2017.05.11

hope your done well.


I tried collecting events of GW!

Although there is a part overlapping with the blog last time,

Please understand m (__) m


I also offered a vehicle to Wild Speed 8
2015 Dodge Challenger SRT 392 B5 BLUE

Challenger R Full Complete Car
We delivered to H to Toyama Prefecture!

If you have not seen the movie yet, please refer to the image above,

Please come and see the movie theater !



We have kept you waiting very long from contract to delivery!

Event scenes such as event exhibition, magazine shooting etc. were countless numbers

With this, Toyama prefecture has three demonstration car grade challengers


From now on, at the top of President A,

Vehicle with outstanding impact with challenger fellows

Please get on and on.

Mr.H, Congratulations on this occasion!


Well, and the next day from Kagawa prefecture Mr.O
Come all the way to far!

O, you ride the black challenger R,
He said he wanted to consult the business,
I also have experiences of my own young times
I told you

Because we had a lot of lunch from Kagawa prefecture,
BBQ on the terrace with luxurious hospitality!
The weather was nice, it was delicious at its best .

Together with Mr. K, Mr. T and Mr. K from the middle

Flowers bloom also in American car talks,
I forgot to take a moment to talk.

Mr.O, thanks, thanks ^ _ ^


The next day all the way from America,

I came to Luxz at the president N who I respect with respect!

Although I had only a little time at the company, I have also talked about good times this time.

President N, thank you very much!



Along the same time ,,,

Raguji sponsors
Members of the soccer team gathered and the BBQ was held!

As a team uniform
Finally I gave the uniform to everyone

Sorry to be late, I’m sorry.

Lagged edges of back print x edges
It was nice to have a nice feeling

Let’s get stronger again with this, try hard on the game from the 14th ~ ^ _ ^



And …, it will be GW,

To our Kagawa prefecture O who had come to play during GW our demo car,

Dodge Challenger 392 HEMI Scat Pack has been contracted!

Also appeared in the catalog of apparel maker ALPHA

Challenger R Full Complete Car

Mr.O, Thank you for your prompt decision contract this time.


Click here for trade-in Challenger R Custom
2012 year challenger SXT has been in stock!

It is solid and well maintained,
Above all, Challenger R’s full completion custom was given

It has become one recommended one.
Please contact us as soon as possible.



see you….


CEO Shimazawa


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