Challenger’s world view


  • Layout & design in gifu

    Layouting and designing from 1

  • Modeling in gifu

    Each part is modeled with “hands”

  • Installation in gifu

    Install and adjust with one hand, “hand”

EDGE CUSTOMS is “Born in Gifu”, “the view of the world of challengers” to the world.


When Dodge challenger 2008 was introduced, there we found that there are the possibilities of the perfect combination between the car style people really love to have and its modification ,through integrating different materials, customization with any kind of the sense that human-hands can create. This is the starting point of founding our original brand |EDGECUSTOMS|

When we wanted to create something for the people in the world who like cars, we began to think about what kind of car style would be our symbol to hand out, we thought It might be Dodge Challenger.
We wanted to be the permanent challengers and do the best with our own style, just because “DODGE CHALLENGER” = “Challenger”.

EDGE CUSTOMS has been recognized as a Dodge challenger specialized brand, after having the Challenger’s complete car show in 2015. However, in fact EDGE CUSTOMS will never stop with that. From the style dress up on the street to the real tuning car on the circuit, there were a number of car styling projects. We will not create anything you saw somewhere. Even if it would be unique too much, it will never end up with self-satisfaction after all.

We have been beating in our brains out with question like “Yesterday and today, there are different shapes I want to build”. Body kits are not something which are circular in people‘s life. And wedo not plan to build a safe figures which everybody can accept. However, if we want to get into the world,there should be the style that people think it is “cool”.
EDGE CUSTOMS means “going to the cutting edge” We always concern about customer`s satisfaction level and do not accept any compromise, from design to fitting. “Penetrating” is only what EDGE CUSTOMS believe.

We are exploiting the characters of each vehicle, designing and refining for drawing out its potential of each vehicle we build. And we are going after a complete Japan-quality in the fitting and product quality through keeping on developing and manufacturing in japan.

CEO Noriyoshi Shimazawa


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    500-8228, Japan
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