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■Privacy policy We will strive to manage and protect customer’s personal information. When customers use the service of the website, we may ask for necessary personal information of customers in order to correspond to customers. Recognizing the importance of your personal information and we will manage and protect customer’s personal information according to the following standards.

1. Acquisition of personal information
Personal information refers to information for identifying customers, such as e-mail address, address, telephone number. When customers use the service of this website, we will identify that customers have agreed to accept this Privacy Policy at the time of providing your personal information. Please do not offer personal information in case you do not agree.

2. Purpose of using personal information
Personal information provided by customers at our company will not be used for the following purposes.
○ Responding to inquiries from customers
○ Contacting customers as necessary

3. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
we do not disclose or provide customer’s personal information to third parties without consent of customers, except in the following cases.
○ Based on laws and ordinances
○ gained the consent from the customer



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