Recent report!2017.05.16

hope your done well.

Well, it will be a recent status report here!


First of all, yesterday, famous for air suspension

We visited H president of JATS!


It was a place I wanted to excite with a muscle talk story, muscle H president,

Because I liked each other too much and it seemed to be insufficient no matter how much time it was,

Thank you again next time!


M president  raised Prius .

I changed the wheel.

Hellcat’s wheels also paint coolly and coolly

So please wait for a while.

President M, Thank you always!


We had a request,

2015 Challenger SRT 392 red line vehicle withdrawal

Has completed!

Please wait for a while until arrival!


Well, the explorer that you have subscribed to K,

Explorer’s evolution latest edgs customs

Body parts are coming soon!

I can not show you the whole picture yet,

I will only say that it is incredibly cool!!


Mr. T’s Family Car with Mr. K’s Mustang Owner’s Introduction

I will search for it.

I will contact you as soon as a good vehicle is found .

Thank you for your time this time!



A football team where Raguji will sponsor

The league game of this season has finally started!

MA – 1 with a logo woven from the top of the uniform is also pretty battle.

We are expecting good results!



And, I had meals with my seniors yesterday night.

Ms. Y regulars store’s regulars

The meat that appeared was different from ordinary feeling ^ _ ^

I had a pleasant time.
Also, if there is opportunity thank you for your consideration!



see you….


CEO Shimazawa


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