Hard Schedule2017.05.29

hope your done well.

Recently I am being chased by a hard schedule and updating my blog
Sorry to stop
I will introduce the contents of such a hard schedule by blog ♪


First of all it was the general meeting of the company once a month today!

Discuss issues and targets for a month, and prepare for next month
Discuss with everyone!

And yesterday. . .
Extra rare vehicle that got in LUXZ, Challenger SMS 570X!
In LUXZ rare cars are deciding where their married parents will soon or a long term fight,
This morning my wife’s wife was decided on the next day we got in.

Mr.O  Challenger 570X SMS prompt decision Contract Thank you very much ^ _ ^
Although it is a vehicle with enough impact even in normal condition,
Lonely with such a rare car, leave it to me, I like to customize it like that
What you can say is exhausted as a word of excitement.

I definitely want to finish it in a car that I like.

The hard schedule is still going on!
To Fukushima Prefecture O Okayama 2008 Challenger
I delivered you!

President O, always thank you!
On that way back from Fukushima,
In Saitama prefecture F was customized everywhere
I took over the challenger.

And that evening will be held on a regular basis
Lagge rally meeting!
Not only the active staff, but also the former staff gather
It was a fun dinner party!

Manager Nakamura knocked down with a cold. Let’s have two more time at the next dinner party!
Whenever I always talk, I sew a busy time
I am thankful to the former staff who come to see me again

There were also combinations of members who faced face for the first time on this day,
It was nothing more than enjoying and enjoying it soon!
Also, let’s get together next month

T before the car delivery came to the company to visit us, so with the staff
I went to the curry house of your choice!

The customers and the staff, together with having fun eating together,
It is also a nice place for LUXZ!

Well, and it was the last show of the year.
EDGE Customs latest work
★ Ford Explorer E ★
By fitting this EDGE custom body kit (front bumper)
The image of explorer which is often referred to as egg type
It changes by 180 degrees! I think that it feels like even becoming another vehicle

Recently on American car magazine shooting this day,
To a waste factory studio that you are using frequently!

I was able to provide the black explorer on this day,
Owner K also delighted to see the first car for the first time ^ _ ^
I also went to the shooting, the shot of the car and K was also determined to be perfect!

Special feature will be posted in next month issue, so do not miss it!

After shoots of Ame Maga,
Three models customized with Edge Customs
Challenger, Mustang, Explorer
I also made an image of the image of Edge Customs by aligning it stepping!

Amamaga Editorial Department, Photographer
And thank you for your cooperation K
O like Mr. Oshima who provided the white explorer,
Thank you for yesterday.
Also, we plan to borrow the studio in another feature next month as well,
Thank you again!

see you….

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