Contract rush!2017.05.31

hope your done well.


The other day Mr Muscle M came to visit the company with a car consultation.

But Mr.M is something that is not seen in the atmosphere that will be 52 years old this year ^ _ ^
I will also tighten mind to revive Muscle Travels!


Well, here’s a rush on a recent vehicle contract!

First of all I introduced you the other day
I got a contract with O like Mr. O like a challenger SMS 570X for a rare rare car.
It’s preeminent to have an impact as well as doing with old cars!

I received Osaka prefecture Mr.I  Benz E63 of 2014 contract!
Although I was allowed to exchange by e-mail or telephone,
I came to the store the other day and got a contract of conviction that I saw the current car.

It will be my first time to get involved, but thank you.


Customer’s customer of our shop Mr. T’s vehicle that I got from you was finally found!

Please wait for delivery a bit more!



the president N purchase Grand Cherokee SRT 8 in 2014 !

President N, who has been dating since the company’s founding, tens of cars at lagji
We are using as much as you do not know whether you have purchased.
President N, thank you very much! It is!


see you….


CEO Shimazawa


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