hope your done well.


On the weekend PGD’s invitation took place at Shimizu Marine Park

Event ‘SLS’ the latest Edge Customs

I have exhibited Explorer E!

It became my first exhibition, but I can see Mt. Fuji

Very good at the seaside location

I realized that it was a good event!

PGD, Thank you for inviting me this time!



Well, it will be another recent status report,

Very rare vehicle you contracted for Mr.O.

We have a custom start of Challenger SMS 570X!

Choice the wheel HRE! Change the paint on the rim

I made it more compatible with 570X.

We will also advance customs in other places.

The company’s sleeping table was getting old, so at DIY

I made a petit custom! It became a good feeling without stinging thorns!

Well, it’s a private muscle traveler,

I am training diligently under the guidance of Mr. M!

The woman on the right is a woman, actually her classmate!

I do not have much time until summer, so I would like to finish my body!


see you….

CEO Shimazawa


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