Delivery rush!2017.06.12

hope your done well.


The other day it was a contract rush,

This time the car was delivered in a row!


Last Saturday to O Kagawa Prefecture, our demo car

16 years Challenger Scat Pack.

We delivered Challenger R Full Complete Car🎶

Mr.O, congratulations on delivering cars.


And today Mr.I registered and registered E 63 in Osaka!

Mr.I  like active pilot
Thank you very much for the surprising stories.

Delivery time was delayed but it was nice to be pleased ^ _ ^

I look forward to working with you!


And I got delivered the Grand Cherokee SRT 8 to A president of N

President N, Grand cherokee SRT 8 alone is the third in this vehicle!

Thank you for always having us order at LUXZ ♪


And new receipt vehicle information!

Lexus RX 450 H F Sports

I received the full OP as a trade – in ^ _ ^

Those who are interested please check as soon as possible



Well, there are lots of other events besides car deliveries. .

More than 200 Explorer owners owned in Nagano Prefecture

To the nationwide meeting of “EXPERT” enrolled

Our staff participated, and they got it in our company

About 50 units of Explorer gathered,
The scenery is exhausted as a word of excitement


K’s 14-year limited eco boost black and 12 years XLT eco boost white,

Both of the two edgewise Customs ‘Explorer E’ parts

It was nice to be highly appreciated ^ _ ^

To the owner of active duty who loves explorer
It is a big pleasure to admit!

Thank you for participating in a valuable exchange place today!

Everyone at EXPERT, thank you very much for your continued support.



Well, tomorrow is still a long business trip

It works well for arrangements so that there is no mistake



see you….


CEO Shimazawa


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