Interview rush2017.06.24

hope your done well.


Well, thank you very much for your recent work

Interviews with shops and vehicles overlapped, making it a hard schedule.


On Saturday,There was a shooting program of Yakushiji-Ryu at LUXZ store

Toyama A President  ^ Gifu Prefecture K President K line __ _ ^

It was nice to have fun at BBQ while feeling at home🍖

You guys have been worked hard!!
Mr Yakushiji, thank you for everyone of the program staff!

I’m looking forward to the show on TV !


Yesterday, following last month, Mr. Ame car magazine’s
It was shooting ♪


For vehicles shot according to the Challenger feature of the next issue,

Fast and furious 8 Challenger R B5 BLUE that appeared also in ice break! ️

Ms. S of the editorial department, photographer Thank you very much for a long time!

H, my owner, I’m looking forward to the next month’s issue of Amamaga



And today I was being chased by the interview from the morning ….

We introduced to public affairs Y of wheel world WORK

There was a shoot of Web magazine!

Shooting in the store, moving the place and shooting in the garage

We received 3 volumes of edge Customs with plenty of volume!

U, Mr. Writer, Photographer Good job!

I’m looking forward to the finish!




see you….


CEO Shimazawa


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